How is my average weekly wage calculated?


The average weekly wage (AWW) is calculated based on the 13 weeks wages prior to the week of injury. Add up the 13 weeks of wages and divide by 13 to calculate your AWW. (If applicable, overtime and bonuses are included) For part-time workers, the same methodology applies but uses 26 weeks.

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How do I file a Workers’ Comp Claim?


To begin the Workers’ Compensation process you must first report your injury or illness to your employer after which your employer must file a claim with the employers Worker’s Compensation insurance carrier. Read more…

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How can I avoid being hurt on the Job?


Rhode Island employers are required by law to provide you with a safe working environment, if you feel that your place of work is unsafe you should notify OSHA ( Occupational, Safety and Health Administration): Federal Office Building 380 Westminster Mall, Room 543 Providence, Rhode Island 02903 Tel: (401) 528-4669 Fax: (401) 528-4663

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Compensation for Loss of Use?


In addition to compensation for weekly wage, additional compensation is paid for loss of use of a body part due to the injury itself or the result of a subsequent surgery.

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