• Workers’ Compensation Claim
  • Workers’ Compensation Claim
  • Workers’ Compensation Claim

How To File A Claim

To begin the Workers’ Compensation process you must first report your injury or illness to your employer after which your employer must file a claim with the employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier. The Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier, unless the employer is self-insured, will be responsible for providing the monies and medical benefits to you after your claim has been processed.

If your employer and/or insurance carrier refuses to process your claim, you have the right to file a petition with the Workers’ Compensation Court seeking benefits. The court will schedule a hearing to determine the rights of the employee and the employer.

You must file a claim within two (2) years of your injury or you will be forever barred by the Statute of Limitations. There are few exceptions to this requirement.

You can verify your employers Workers’ Compensation insurance status at https://www.ewccv.com/cvs/ this page provides details of employers that have purchased a Workers’ Compensation insurance policy and certified self-insured employers.

Know Your Rights?

Workers Comp State Laws

There is a comprehensive list of state Workers’ Compensation laws to protect you in your work environment. Tom Ford Law provides a free consultation to explain these laws, and your rights, to you.

Why Use A Workers Compensation Lawyer?

Why Use A Workers Compensation Attorney?

Tom Ford Law will work to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of monies and benefits that your injury or illness entitles you to. Learn more…

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