Rhode Island Workers compensation lawyer Have you sustained a work-related injury in Rhode Island? If so, you are eligible for Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ Compensation may cover any disability payments, rehabilitation, and costly medical bills or treatments. Knowing how to calculate how much you will receive will help you budget while you are out of work. This guide will help you to estimate your earnings while you are out of work.

There are several types of benefits you may be eligible for. Eligibility will depend on the extent of the injury and how much the injury impairs your ability to work.

Total Disability Benefits:

Are you unable to perform any work due to your injury? If so, you would qualify for Total Disability Benefits. This means you will receive 75% of your spendable base wage. If you are full time, this number is determined by using 13 weeks of gross earnings before the injury and any overtime and bonuses. If you are part-time, this number is determined by using 26 weeks of total earnings and also includes overtime and bonuses. Also, you will receive $15 for each dependant and a non-working spouse per week. The payout varies for seasonal and new employees. You are eligible for these benefits as long as you are unable to work. Our team will help you understand the process and receive the benefits you deserve.

Temporary Partial Disability Insurance:

If you can work while you recover from your injury, you may be eligible for Temporary Partial Disability Insurance. Partial Disability payments are also 75% of your spendable base wage. However, you will not receive dependency allowance. Once again, bonuses and overtime earnings are included in this calculation.

Maximum Medical Improvement means that no further treatment is reasonably expected to improve your condition. Once you reach this stage, the insurance company can reduce your benefits by 30%.

Determining your weekly benefits can be confusing and comes with many items to consider. Working with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer from the start can help save you time and money. At Tom Ford Law, we work for you. We will make sure you receive the benefits you deserve. Contact us today and get the benefits you deserve.