scarring payments for workers comp Being injured on the job is a traumatic and painful experience. Living with scarring and disfigurement from that injury can alter your life permanently. Rhode Island Gen. Laws 28-33-19 provides that should an injured employee have a scar or form of disfigurement they are entitled to compensation. It is imperative that you hire a trusted law firm if you have incurred scarring or disfigurement from a workplace injury.

The most common types of scarring or disfigurements consist of scarring that resulted from surgeries required after a workplace injury or burns that occurred on the job. However, many other types of scarring or disfigurement injuries are eligible for compensation. Some of these include developing a limp from an injury, any muscle atrophy that could have developed as a result of an injury, or amputation of a limb due to an on-the-job accident.

Disfigurement payment is subjective, which is why having a lawyer who specializes in workers compensation cases is vital. Factors such as the gender and age of the employee, while not being very politically correct, are still critical issues when it comes to being compensated for scarring or disfigurements. A good lawyer will know what details are more significant than others. Contrary to popular belief, the amount is NOT $1,000 per inch of the scar.

These scars and disfigurements can be included in a workers compensation lawsuit to ensure the injured employee is rightly compensated. Having an experienced lawyer in this situation is very important. Reputable law firms that specialize in workers compensation cases make sure that the insurance companies pay for the lawyers’ fees and that it does not come from the employees award or funds. Insurance companies are quick to devalue a scar or a disfigurements worth; just another reason to have an experienced lawyer on your team.

Scarring benefits are paid in weeks, according to the language of the law. These awards are non-taxable. If you are interested in learning more and if you are eligible, contact Tom Ford today!

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