workers comp attorney legal fees

One of the biggest concerns most clients have about hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer is affording the attorney fees. Clients are obviously worried how they are going to pay an attorney when they are out of work either collecting or not collecting benefits.

In Rhode Island, a reputable attorney will not charge the injured worker a fee for representation. If the insurance company fails or refuses to provide the injured worker a benefit he or she is entitled to under the law and the injured employee’s attorney is successful in obtaining relief for the injured worker, a Judge will order that the insurance company pay the attorney fees. If an attorney is unsuccessful, there is no charge for that representation.

For example, let’s say an employee is injured on the job and requires surgery. If the insurance company approved the surgery, then there is no need to petition the court. However, let’s say the insurance company refuses to pay for the surgery. Your workers’ compensation lawyer can contest this in court. If your attorney wins the plea, then the insurance company is required to pay for the surgery and the attorney fees associated with the court proceedings.

All in all, it is always a good idea to hire a reputable workers compensation lawyer when you are injured on the job. They will help you obtain the correct settlement for your injuries without costing you any attorney fees.