workers compensation word cloud Have you been hurt while coming into work or on your way out the door? This is a typical time for injuries to occur. Despite what the insurance company may tell you, your injury is most probably covered as a work-related injury. Work-related injuries include injuries that involve the coming and goings of work.

The essential inquiry here is your proximity to the job site. The cases hold that the employee is covered for a reasonable time period necessary to enter and leave the workplace. In other words, the timing must line up with your hours of arriving and leaving. This also includes coming and going during the workday for items such as work-related errands.

Does your job require you to travel for a period of time? If you are away on a business trip, the employer/insurance company likely must cover you 24 hours a day. Be sure to check this with your employer if you are required to travel on business.

Another point to consider is the location of the injury. While many cases deal with injuries in the parking lot, the sidewalk, the driveway or adjacent parcels of land, the insurance company may deny the claim because they state that these are exceptions. Do not accept their conclusion. This is a developing area, one which Tom Ford Law can help you discern.

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