workers compensation and negligence Negligence is defined as a failure to take proper care in doing something. Workplace injuries are often the result of negligence on either the employer, employee, or others on the job site. An employee injured on the job is usually entitled to workers’ compensation regardless of who is at fault.

When an employee or employer acts with disregard for proper workplace care, he or she is considered to be negligent. A workplace should be a safe environment, keeping those on-site from harm. Workplace negligence can present itself in many ways. Here are a few items to consider:

If a job requires safety gear, be sure that all equipment is up to date and in working order. Also, be sure all employees are wearing or utilizing the gear correctly.

If the workplace operates machinery, all machines must be kept in working order and maintained regularly. Also, those using the equipment must have adequate training.

The job-site must be evaluated for possible areas or items that could cause injury. Be sure to maintain the areas and keep them free of hazardous objects and conditions.

In short, an employee or employer can safeguard themselves by doing their due diligence concerning safety on the job.

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