Rhode Island Workers

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Worker’s Compensation is a Rhode Island state mandated insurance program, funded by employers, to provide compensation (money and medical benefits) to employees that are injured as the result of an accident or occupational illness/disease while performing their work duties. [Read more…]

Rhide Island Workers Comp

Locations throughout Rhode Island

Tom Ford Law, Rhode Island workers’ comp attorney, advocates for the rights of injured workers throughout the state of Rhode Island providing FREE workers compensation consultations in one of four office locations detailed below. However, if you are hospitalized or your injury prevents you from traveling then we will visit you in your home or hospital room. [Read more…]

Rhode Island Workers

Rhode Island Workers’ Comp Attorney

For more than 30 years Rhode island Workers’ Comp. Attorney Tom Ford has been fighting to protect the rights of injured Rhode Island Workers. Tom Ford has settled thousands of successful Workers’ Comp claims. Put your trust in Tom…with a free consultation and no out-of-pocket expenses, what to you have to lose?

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